Open Relationships: Is it the Right Choice for You?

In today’s society, where the norms and values surrounding relationships are continuously evolving, the concept of open relationships has gained more visibility and acceptance. An open relationship, where partners mutually agree to engage in romantic or sexual activities with others, poses both opportunities and challenges. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution but may be intriguing for […]

What Does Cum Taste Like?

The taste and smell of semen can vary widely from person to person. It depends on things like your diet, your hydration level, and certain health conditions. For example, some foods make your sperm taste more acidic, while others (like pineapples) can lower its pH level and give it a sweeter taste. Sweet The first […]

How Long Does It Take to Orgasm?

A woman’s orgasm usually lasts around 20-35 seconds. It involves muscular contractions, the dilation of blood vessels and a release of feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Everyone is different and it can take some people longer to reach climax during sex than others. But you can do many things to speed up the process and have […]

How to Get Best Sperm Sample For IVF

A high-quality sperm sample is essential for successful IVF treatment. A variety of factors can affect sperm quality, including lifestyle habits and certain medical conditions. It is important to discuss these issues with your fertility specialist. You can collect a sperm sample using two methods: masturbation or surgical extraction. Typically, you will need to submit […]

How to Increase Sperm Count While on TRT

Testosterone replacement therapy is effective at boosting testosterone levels, but it has an unfortunate side effect: it can also decrease sperm count. Thankfully, this is typically reversible once TRT is stopped. A semen analysis will look at how many sperm are in one milliliter of semen, as well as how quickly they move (motility). Chronic […]

What is a Studded Condom?

A studded condom is a textured condom covered in studs that increase friction. They can provide extra stimulation and pleasure for both partners during vaginal and anal sex. They are also cheaper than regular condoms. But these ribbed and dotted rubbers aren’t for everyone. They can be uncomfortable if used incorrectly and can cause a […]

What Food Kills Sperm in the Female Body?

There is no food that kills sperm in the female body, but diet can impact sperm health. For pregnancy to occur, sperm must be in contact with an egg. The best time for this to happen is during the fertile window around ovulation. Diet and lifestyle choices play a significant role in reproductive health. Incorporating […]

What is a Rope Bunny?

Rope bondage can be a purely sexual kink or it can be used to build a relationship. It all depends on the submissive and the rigger. Some in the BDSM community object to the term rope bunny and prefer the more neutral terms rope bottom or rope slut. They enjoy the power exchange[wipi] that comes […]

What Is DP in Sex?

If you’re exploring DP with your partner, it’s important to communicate expectations and concerns in advance. That way, you can avoid surprises and focus on pleasure! DP can stimulate the g-spot, clitoris and anus all at once for explosive orgasms. Try penetrating your partner in doggy style, or laying on the back with them straddled […]

How to Have a Cervical Orgasm

The first thing to remember about cervical orgasm is that just like clitoral stimulation, it feels different for everyone. It may feel painful to some and nothing at all to others. It’s also important to note that just like the external clitoral glans, your cervix responds best to slow rhythmic penetration. For example, doggy style […]

How to Make a Sex Swing

Whether used for anal sex or penetrative play, a sex swing is an intensely kinky tool. These types of swings also allow for foreplay and can be angled to arouse the partner inside. Getting your hands on one doesn’t make you a depraved fiend, either. There are a few different ways to make one in […]

What is a Little?

A little is a person who plays the role of someone younger than they are in a consensual age play dynamic. The ages they identify with can range from infants to teens. Adding variety to your kinks is a great way to keep things fresh and interesting. This could involve new play methods, accessories or […]

What Happens When a Condom Breaks?

There is no more frightening feeling than getting done with sex and realizing that your condom broke. It puts you at risk for pregnancy and STIs. Depending on whether the condom broke before or after ejaculation, different precautions need to be taken. You should also consider taking immediate HIV PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) if you are […]

Does Tequila Make You Horny?

Tequila is often associated with a wild night out and feelings of friskyness. However, it is not the only alcohol drink that can make you horny. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best alcohol drinks for horniness. Tequila is made from the juice of the agave plant. It is distilled […]

How to Orgasm With a Vibrator

Many vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation. This could include running the toy along the clitoral hood, making circulation motions, or simply holding it in place pressed against your clitoris. Remember, sex toys can be used alone or with a partner and are intended to enhance (not replace) sex. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t […]

How to Gain Energy Fast After Releasing Sperm

Ejaculation is a natural bodily function that is important for reproductive health, but it can leave you feeling exhausted and depleted. Fortunately, there are several ways to gain energy fast after releasing sperm. Taking a few simple steps can help you stay energized throughout the day. Try drinking a glass of water, practicing Kegel exercises, […]

How Long Does a Latex Condom Smell?

Latex condoms are made of either natural rubber, which is harvested from a tree, or synthetic rubber. They can be scented or flavored for extra sexual pleasure. They are TGA approved and have a shelf life of up to three years when packaged with spermicide. You can also use polyurethane condoms, which are made from […]

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