How to Stretch For Anal Penetration

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For a variety of reasons, men and women of all sexual orientations enjoy anal penetration. Thrusting or plugging the anus with a butt plug, penis, or extra-large dildo can make for pleasurable anal play.

This kink requires a bit of patience and body-safe toys. A good amount of lubricant is also recommended.

Warm Up

Just like you might run a quarter mile before jumping into a marathon, warm up for anal stretching by sitting down, relaxing and lubricating your fingers. You can do this for a couple of minutes or more to get a feel for how your anus responds.

Once you feel your anus muscles relax and become softer, slowly insert the anal plug further in. Obviously, you don’t want to push too far or you might be in danger of a tear so take your time and keep the pressure low.

Some people enjoy anal stretching for sexual stimulation while others are more interested in training their sphincter muscle to help them with defecation and intercourse. Either way, it’s important to know that the anal muscles are very tight and can take a while to stretch out.

It’s also worth mentioning that some people experience increased gas and a change in bowel movements while engaging in anal play. These side effects are entirely normal, but they’re something to be aware of before you start playing with your anus. If you notice a lot of pain or bleeding while stretching your anus, stop right away and assess the situation. This could be a sign that something is wrong and should never be ignored. Also, make sure you wash your hands and toy well after each use and use lube every time.

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Many people find that anal stretching is more fun when they’re using a lubricant. It also helps keep the anus feeling soft and comfortable, especially when it’s new. Water-based lube is ideal, because it’s gentle enough for your anal and it’s compatible with latex condoms and silicone toys.

Apply a liberal amount of anal lubricant to your finger or toy, and around the anal opening. Make sure the lube is long-lasting and stays slippery to prevent anal tearing and pain. Silicone lube is great for anal sex because it’s thicker and longer-lasting than water-based lubes.

Take your time to slowly push the toy or finger in and out of the anal hole. Don’t rush or be goal-oriented — you don’t want to cause a painful anal tear.

You may feel slight pressure and discomfort at first, as your anus muscles stretch out. But this is to be expected, and it’s a necessary part of the process.

Eventually, your anus will reach a point where it can no longer stretch out any further, and that’s when you know you’ve reached an anal stretch limit. When you hit this limit, it’s best to stop. Sharp sensations, too much pressure, pinching, hyper-awareness of the anal entrance or pain are all signs that you’ve gone too far and need to start over.

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While finger play is recommended before toys, once you’re ready to move up to toys for anal stretching, there are a variety of fun choices available. Whether you want something that vibrates or glows in the dark, there’s an anal stretching toy to suit your needs.

As you play, reapply your lubricant as needed to ensure a comfortable and smooth insertion. Be sure to only use anal stretching toys made from body-safe materials such as phthalate and BPA-free silicone. Also, be sure to thoroughly clean your anal stretching toy after each use and before using it again.

When choosing anal stretching toys, consider factors such as the tip’s shape, length and texture. For example, a tapered tip allows for a comfortable insertion while a flared base can help prevent tip irritation. Also, some anal stretching toys feature a suction cup or harness base for even more pleasure possibilities.

If you’re new to anal stretching, be prepared for a bit of discomfort or pain at first. This is totally normal, and you should stop playing when it starts to hurt. However, with regular sessions and time, you can eventually reach your anal stretch limit and enjoy all sorts of thrilling pleasures! Until then, be sure to take it slow and have fun!

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When it comes to anal stretching, the more you play and the more comfortable you become, the more you can stretch your asshole. However, it’s important to know your limits. Sharp sensations, pain, pinching or hyper-awareness of the entrance are all signs that you’ve gone too far and that something is wrong.

You can overstretch your anal sphincter muscles just as you can over-stretch a hamstring. It happens when you push the muscle beyond its ability to recoil and snap back to its natural size, especially if you engage in anal stretching over and over again.

The best way to avoid overstretching is to use a lubricant with a low PH value and to go slowly, particularly when you first start anal stretching. It’s also a good idea to stop if you notice a lot of poop coming up. Washing your hands, toy and lube well is also key to preventing infection.

It’s also a good idea to use a new toy each time you do anal stretching, to reduce the likelihood of passing bacteria from one toy to another. Most sex toys can be washed, but be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for best practices. Anal sex is not for everyone, but it can be very satisfying when done properly. Practicing safe anal stretching is the best way to minimize injury and increase satisfaction.

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