Why Do Women Like Giving Oral?

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A woman might give oral only because her partner wants it. She might also do it because of old-school expectations that see women as more passive in sex and men as more active.

Regardless, most people like both giving and receiving oral sex. And a good amount of women love giving blowjobs.

1. They like the sensation

If you don’t take it lightly, oral sex can be extremely pleasurable for both of you. It’s important to start out slow and soft – too much pressure or thrusting can turn her off fast. It’s also key to focus on the clitoris, which many women find is a very arousing area to stimulate.

Oral sex can be even more pleasurable if it’s reciprocated. Women are 19 percent more likely to say they enjoy giving oral sex when the act is enjoyed by their partner as well.

That’s why it’s good to ask where your girlfriend stands on oral sex and what her preferences are. Some women may see oral sex as too intimate for casual hookups, while others aren’t comfortable doing it at all. If she doesn’t want to do it at all, that’s fine — just respect her boundaries and don’t force her into doing something she doesn’t like. If she does love it, a little communication can make your next sexual encounter dynamite. Just remember to always check in with her throughout sex to gauge how she feels.

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2. They like the control

Women feel like they’re in control when they give oral. The act of putting their mouth on someone else’s head gives them a sense of power and sexual dominance.

That feeling can lead to sexual desire, and many of the same pleasures as other forms of sexual stimulation. It’s important to communicate with your partner about oral sex and how you both want to enjoy it.

Rather than forcing her to give head or push her down on your penis, make it clear that you’re interested in oral play and allow her to move in whatever direction she likes. Guilt-tripping her or making her feel obligated to do something she doesn’t enjoy will only make her resentful. It’s also good to remember that it takes a lot of foreplay for oral play to turn on most people and they may need more than kissing before they orgasm. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to up the intensity of oral sex for both partners.

3. They like the intimacy

Often, giving oral is a way of bonding with a partner. It’s an intimate act that can be shared between a man and woman of any gender, and it can create a feeling of closeness and intimacy that many find pleasure in. It also gives some people a sense of power, as they are holding their partner’s most sensitive parts in their mouth, which can feel empowering.

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Some people might also find pleasure in oral stimulation because they can make their partner moan, and it is a way to please them sexually. However, it is important to remember that oral sex should only be done if you enjoy it, and not just because you want your partner to orgasm.

If you are interested in trying oral sex, be sure to communicate with your partner and ask them what they think. Oral sex can be dangerous if it isn’t done correctly, so be sure to practice and learn the best ways to give head and receive oral from your partner.

4. They like the smell

Oral sex is pretty common — it’s one of the most commonly enjoyed sexual experiences, and it often happens first. A lot of people enjoy it, and women, in particular, love it.

In a survey, women stated that they liked to give head more than receive it. This makes sense, as it’s a way to feel like they’re bringing their own A-game into the bedroom. Plus, it’s a great way to get intimate with your partner.

The survey also found that many women loved the taste and smell of oral sex, which can be a huge turn on. This is especially true if your partner’s penis has a scent, which can add to the pleasure.

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Oral sex can be a good way to build intimacy with your partner, but you should always practice safe sex. Make sure to use a condom or dental dam on the penis, and remember that you can still get an STD from oral sex. It’s important to communicate with your partner about what turns them on in the bedroom so you can have a safe, satisfying experience.

5. They like the taste

When it comes to oral sex, some women really do just like the taste. They love the sensation of having a man’s sperm in their mouth, and they feel that it makes them more sexually desirable to their partner.

As far as arousal, it can give them an adrenaline rush and make them moan. Plus, if they are feeling particularly aroused from foreplay, it can lead to an orgasm much quicker than with a penis.

But what about the downsides? It can be painful if they don’t have a good sense of lubrication, or if their saliva tastes bad. And there are other issues, such as locking jaws or cramping neck muscles.

For these reasons, it’s important to talk to your partner about their preferences. They may be in favor of it, or they may not, and that’s OK. Just be open and honest about it, and try not to pressure them if they don’t want to do it. It’s not the end of the world if they don’t enjoy it, but it’s worth talking about.

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